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St Francis Xavier

St Francis Xavier School Welcomes Back All of its Learners

It has been wonderful to have been able to welcome back learners in all year groups this week. Thanks to a hard-working and efficient team of Covid-19 testers and its supporting admin staff, we were able to open our doors to all students by Tuesday morning.

Whilst some students have admitted to missing working in their pajamas, most are happy and excited to be back in the school building, mixing with their peers and getting the invaluable face-to-face support that only being in school can provide.

Students have quickly adapted to their ‘new normal’ of wearing masks in classrooms and these are proving to be no hindrance to their learning and enthusiasm.

With the majority of the ‘in-school’ testing now completed, students have been issued with home-testing kits, which will continue to ensure that our school can remain a safe place in which our community can continue to thrive.