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St Francis Xavier

Yorkshire 'Greta' Calls On Her MP Rishi Sunak To Support School’s Journey To Zero Carbon

A 14-year old student, Mathilde, from St Francis Xavier School in Richmond, North Yorkshire, has written to her MP, Rt Hon Rishi Sunak MP, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, to ask him to visit the school and help her and fellow students progress their plans to be a zero carbon school (see her full letter below).

She asks him to help the school increase biodiversity through more flower beds in and near the school, and by helping the school get hybrid or fully electric school buses.

Mathilde, who is in Year 9 and part of the school’s Eco Team, is very passionate about the need to make changes at school in order to reduce the UK’s climate emissions. She’s been involved in eliminating single use plastics in the school, litter picking and bulb planting, and is a key Eco Team speaker at school and in the community.

Rishi Sunak visited the school in 2019, the year the school won the 2019 Education Estates Award for Sustainability.

The full article, including Mathilde's letter is available to read on the Yorkshire Times website.

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