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St Francis Xavier

Students Escape Lockdown Through Books


World Book Day

From 1-5 March, students took part in World Book Day events around the theme of 'The Places You'll Go'. Via Teams, students were able to discuss their World Book Day reads, take part in the live quiz and complete the form challenge. Students also participated in a Readathon and raised over £650 for the Read for Good charity, providing books and storyteller visits for children in hospital. 



Meet the Millionaires! 

28 students have now become word millionaires on Accelerated Reader - an amazing achievement.

The awards which students receive are usually for the quiz points which show how many books students have read - the more challenging the book, the more quiz points they receive. 


However, the Millionaire award is a special, one off award given to students who read 1,000,000 words or more. Top of the leaderboard is Jake Gerrard, a year 9 student who has, since September, read over 10,000,000 words.

"I have always loved reading," Jake said.

"I love fantasy books and series especially, and the way they can transport you to different places and other worlds is really important, especially over lockdown. If you don't enjoy reading, then just read things you enjoy and that you're interested in."


Jonty (top of the year 7 leaderboard this fortnight): “I've been reading a lot as I love the book series Skulduggery Pleasant, which is on Accelerated Reader.” 

Ella May: “I've always loved reading. Instead of watching TV I'd be reading a book - I'd read for hours and not even realise.”

Amelia: “I like Accelerated Reader because I can take quizzes.”