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St Francis Xavier


Opening the envelope to see GCSE results was a nerve racking moment for many 16 year olds this summer however, for one student from St Francis Xavier School there was an additional and unexpected achievement.

With many celebrating or consoling themselves reviewing their results using the new numeric grading system from 1 to 9 Eve Honeyman was delighted to see a grade 9 for her English Literature GCSE, something to be very proud of, being part of a small group of students in the country to do so. However, Eve was in an even smaller selection of students who did not drop a single mark in her exam, achieving 100% in both of the papers. “I found out I had achieved 100% when Mrs Fawcett told me on results day. I was expecting to do well, but not that well!”

“I am delighted with Eve’s results” said Stuart McGhee, Headteacher at St Francis Xavier School, one of only two joint faith schools in the country, “Her achievement is testament to the hard work and dedication to her studies.” Eve was not alone in producing some outstanding results at an outstanding school, once again the school celebrated exceptional exam results, a third at grades 7-9. Provisional progress scores indicate that pupils achieved a grade above expected in every subject.

The GCSE papers included questions on Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, A Christmas Carol, An Inspector Calls and a selection poetry, seen and unseen.

When she joined St Francis Xavier School in year nine Eve was a regular visitor to the school’s library but her love for reading started early on, “When I was seven or eight I spent some time in a boarding school in Durham,” said Eve, “I found reading a good way to pass the time and a type of escapism.”

Recent reads include The Story Teller by Jodi Piccoult which asks some big ethical questions around justice and euthanasia. Eve, a clergywoman’s daughter, is clearly fascinated by the questions raised through the societal mix of religion and science and hopes to study Cultural Anthropology at University  after completing A levels in History, English Literature and Sociology Philosophy and Ethics.