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St Francis Xavier

Love in the community

A kind-hearted student from St Francis Xavier committed her half term to supporting her local community and living out our school ethos.

Isobel, who is in Year 8, worked with her local church youth group on a project focused on ‘Love of God, Love of neighbour’ to show how everyone is loved. Parishioners knitted hearts and Isobel wrote messages of love and support on these and hid them around her local village for residents to find.

She painted stones for a half term activity trail which was organised for children in the village.

She also led an online youth service for the parish where she talked about ‘Love of God and Love of neighbour’. She decided after lots of thought that she most liked the idea of God’s love being like an umbrella that protects us from the storms that affect so many at the moment.

Isobel said, “When my local youth leader told me we were going to do a February of Love, I was super excited! It is so very hard for so many of us to feel motivated or have anything to look forward to doing, during all of our time at home so it was a little way to shine a bit of light into the darkness and uncertainty. We focused on John 3:16, ‘For God so loved the world that he gave us his only son’. I love this passage it just sums up all about God’s love so well.

As many of us find these times sad or hard we often associate sadness and hardship with rain, and we should show everyone love and protect them from the storm as God has always done for us. He has always been the one to hold the umbrella above our heads when it was pouring down and now, we should share his love with others and hold up their umbrellas.

My favourite part was definitely seeing everyone’s faces when they saw them [the hearts] as nobody knew it was me! It was lovely to see all the smiles on people’s faces as they spotted them. We had many more people coming out for a walk, even young children were hiding them again for others to find and older people were just admiring them. I feel so happy to see everyone in my community pulled together to admire God’s nature.

A fantastic news story which sums up our school ethos beautifully. Well done Isobel.