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Faith in Action Through Fasting

Students and staff take part in a day of fasting to raise money for Cafod.

Just before the end of the spring term as part of our Lenten challenge some of our teachers and about 40 students took part in the 24 hour fast with Cafod to help raise money and awareness for people within our global community who have no direct access to water. Altogether we have raised over £1000 and the experience has had a huge impact on all those who took part as Sam Walsh in year 10 writes: 

"How can we show our support and compassion for the situations of other people? It is very easy for us to become passive in our compassion for others, to see something but not to act upon it. In my 14 years on this Earth, I have noticed a theme that a lot of people do which is where they see people in intense hardships, say that they feel sorry for them but do nothing, I find it incredibly frustrating that we as a nation tend to have idle compassion, which feels to me as though it is an oxymoron.

Therefore, when school offered up the idea of sponsored fast, I felt that was the perfect opportunity to show active compassion for other people. Then when my parents spread this to their friends the fundraiser snowballed and ended raising around £700 pounds. This shocked me because my original aim of raising around about £20, was eclipsed by the total result.

It did remind me that the simplest of acts can have the biggest of consequences. If we all have the mindset that we can make a difference with our actions, then we can get further in our works. Each individual person can make such a big difference then many problems would be resolved both globally and locally if we as a nation move away from idle compassion.

From a Christian perspective faith in action is vital to living out the Christian life. I always think about the book of Amos where we are told that God despises worshipping which is not actively carried out in the local community, a message which is still highly relevant today."