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St Francis Xavier

Climate logo competition

At the recent launch of Richmondshire Climate Action Partnership, Amelie and Mathilde, two Year 9 students from St Francis Xavier, put forward the idea of designing a logo for the new Partnership that embodies their vision for effective action against climate change.

They were so pleased to hear that the competition is going a head and are encouraging their fellow peers to get involved. The full brief of the competition can be found below. 



As we mobilise our Partnership, we are particularly keen to ensure that our work reflects the aspirations of future generations for the stewardship of our local ecology and the actions that are taken to protect against climate degradation.

This logo competition, therefore, invites pupils from Richmondshire schools to express those aspirations creatively, by ‘designing a logo for the Partnership that embodies their vision for effective action against climate change’. This can be representative of the action(s) that they think should be taken, the outcome that they would wish to see, or simply the importance that they attribute to a healthy planet.

The competition is open to all year groups, although we appreciate that schools may wish to restrict entries to a single class or year group for administrative purposes.



The successful logo design will be used on our Partnership website and will be credited to both the school and the pupil. It will also feature on marketing and communications materials used to engage the community in development and implementation of our action plan.

The logo can be a computer generated graphic, a painting or sketch, or a three-dimensional design using any material of the pupil’s choice. There is no specific constraint other than that the product should be capable of being captured photographically for use as a logo.



  • Format: Submissions should be made in electronic format (JPEG is ideal) by adding an attachment to an email using the link below.
  • Closing date: All submissions must be received by 5pm on the 18th of May 2021.
  • Submit entry 


Selection of the winning submission and feedback

A shortlist of the best submissions will be presented to Richmondshire District Councillors at their Climate Change Working Party meeting on the 20th of May, at which time the winning entry will be selected.

All schools will receive notification of both the shortlisted and winning logos during the following week and, subject to the number of submissions, the Partnership will create a webpage to showcase all the submissions received.


Further information or questions

We would be delighted if your school chose to participate in this competition, and we welcome the opportunity to discuss the competition with you if that would be helpful. Please feel free to contact us on info@richmondshireclimateaction.org or visit our website at www.richmondshireclimateaction.org