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St Francis Xavier


A student from St Francis Xavier School has used her creative talents to support teenagers with cancer.

Annia Henderson, a year 9 student took inspiration from social media to learn a new skill, develop contacts and raise money to support others. “I saw the way someone had created an image and, by using Adobe Illustrator I tried doing it myself for my family and friends” said Annia. After being inundated with requests Annia, with the support of her mum, looked at how demand could help others in need. “We decided to contact people and see if they were willing to donate money for a picture. Some did and I made images for them, others just donated money because it was a good cause.”

Annia found the experience very rewarding and benefited from using her love of art, a subject she is planning to take for GCSE. Her goal is to be a makeup artist and she takes inspiration from social media influencers. This interest led to helping others, living out the school ethos.

The £600 she raised was split between Herriot Hospice and Dreamflight. With the help of Harriet Trewhitt Annia contacted the family of Eilidh Hallett, a much loved and missed student from SFX who lost her battle with cancer in 2019. The money she received from Annia’s fundraising went to Childrens cancer services and Clic Sargent who supported Eilidh’s family. Dr Hallett, Eilidh’s mother has plans to create a foundation in Eilidh’s name to raise awareness and much needed support for teenagers with brain tumours, something we hope to support as a school community in the future.