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St Francis Xavier


Our preferred supplier is Trutex. Please use the LEA code LEA00253SB when you register with them. 

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At St Francis Xavier School, we believe that our uniform is an integral part of our identity, creating a positive working attitude. 

There is increasing evidence that students who strive for exceptionally high standards in all areas, including dress, are more likely to fulfill their academic potential.


Uniform lists
The following lists provide information on compulsory girls and boys uniform.

Items marked with an asterisk (*) must be purchased from our preferred supplier, Trutex.



Royal Blue Blazer with school badge 


Light Blue Blouse with two piece collar for wearing with a tie


Royal blue or silver (year 11 only)


Taylor tartan skirt which must be worn at knee length 


Harrow grey boot cut or two pocket school trousers.

No jersey or jeggings.


Plain dark grey or black socks or opaque or black tights.


Black and low heeled.

No canvas, trainer style shoes, boots or sandals.



Black Blazer with school badge 


White Shirt with two piece collar for wearing with a tie.


Royal blue or silver (year 11 only)


Black boot cut or two pocket school trousers. 


Plain dark grey or black socks (white socks are not permitted)


Traditional style black shoes. No canvas, trainer style shoes, boots or sandals.


PE kit

The following lists provide information on compulsory girls and boys PE kit. 
Items marked with an asterisk (*must be purchased from our preferred supplier, Trutex.
  • Cyclone blue polo top with logo/navy and cyclone blue long-sleeved top with logo.*
  • Navy and cyclone blue shorts*
  • Navy sports socks
  • Plain gum shield
  • Shin pads
  • Trainers with non-marking soles
  • Studded boots suitable for hockey/rugby/football.


There is an optional hoodie, track pants, and girls navy leggings that can be purchase from Trutex.

Please make sure you label or write your name on all your uniform so it is easy to identify.



Other information 

  • Coats may be worn on the way to and from school but must be taken off before entering the school building. Hoodies are not permitted.
  • One pair of plain gold or silver studs can be worn in the lower part of the earlobe. Other facial and body piercings are not permitted.
  • A watch and one flat ring can be worn - no other items of jewellery
  • No extreme make-up (it must not be overly noticeable)
  • No inappropriate or extreme hairstyles. Parents who have any queries about this should contact their child’s Head of Year before taking their child to the barber/hairdresser. Hairstyles not allowed are:
    • Very short hair, less than a blade two
    • Students are not permitted to dye their hair in unnatural colours.  This includes bleaching, bright colours or two-tone hair-styles.
    • Tramlines or patterns shaved into the hair are not permitted
  • No nail varnish or acrylic nails
  • No smartwatches



Uniform expectations

We would like to remind all parents about the need for constant vigilance and co-operation in helping us to maintain the highest standard of appearance of the uniform. 

If a child's uniform is not worn properly then parents can expect a phone call home with a short period to rectify it.  Failure to do so could result in sanctions being applied that may include isolation and/or, in extreme circumstances, being sent home.

Any pupil unable to wear the correct shoes due to medical issues will need a note from their doctor specifying the reasons.  The Pastoral Department has a supply of spare uniform, including shoes, which children can wear on a temporary basis. 


In all cases, school reserves the right to determine what is and is not acceptable in terms of uniform.