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Access to a full-time education is every pupil’s right. However, to truly benefit from the opportunity, so much more is required. Amongst other things, one key element is a pupil’s ability to read. As the curriculum has substantially changed over recent years in content and challenge, poor reading ability is a factor that can significantly impact on pupils’ access to a wide range of subjects.

Pupils must be able to read for them to achieve academically. As pupils progress through an increasingly specialised curriculum, there is a growing need to ensure that pupils are trained to access the academic language and conventions of different subjects. Therefore, putting reading at the heart of the curriculum will support all pupils to be able to read well.



What does the research say about reading?

  • Reading for pleasure is important for educational purposes as well as benefitting personal development.
  • There is a positive link between attitudes towards reading and scoring well on assessments that have a strong basis in reading.
  • Reading for pleasure is an activity that has emotional and social consequences. Studies have found that just 6 minutes of reading a day can reduce stress levels by over 60%.


How does the school embed reading throughout the curriculum? 

Pupils are provided with the skills they need to effectively comprehend information, access learning and enjoy reading for pleasure.

At St Francis Xavier School, we empower students to be more fluent readers in the following ways:

  • Students are provided with silent reading opportunities in form time and English lessons.
  • All students in Key Stage 3 participate in the Accelerated Reader Programme, with rewards tied into the school House Competition.
  • All Key Stage 3 students are expected to read 10-15 minutes per day as part of their weekly homework.
  • We expect all students to have a reading book with them, as part of their school equipment.
  • We have a fully-stocked Library with an experienced Librarian who will help students to choose the book that is right for them.
  • We celebrate World Book Day annually, with a range of fun activities and competitions.
  • Year 7 students participate in a Readathon to raise money for children in hospital.
  • All curriculum subjects have recommended books that link to their subject. Students who read these can complete a Reading Passport which is in their planner to win prizes.



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