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St Francis Xavier

 The primary goal of instruction should be to facilitate long-term learning - that is, to create relatively permanent changes in comprehension, understanding, and skills of the types that will support long-term retention and transfer.
Soderstrom and Bjork, 2005

Teaching and Learning

An evidence- informed approach to learning in the classroom

In our classrooms you will see evidenced- informed practises known to best support students deeper understanding and retention of substantive and disciplinary knowledge/skills.  

Research underpinning our teaching and learning at St. Francis Xavier School includes; 


At St Francis Xavier School 

  • Students are made aware of the big picture; to know where the topic fits in the curriculum, what is coming next and how their learning will be assessed 
  • Opportunities are created throughout a lesson to effectively deepen students’ long term memory 
  • Students will be asked to recall learning from previous lessons to aid retention 
  • Effective questioning  is used to deepens students’ knowledge and challenge their critical thinking 
  • Modelling is used to scaffold instructions and skills
  • Students are encouraged to use their imagination, to connect ideas and be able to relate new learning to old 
  • Students know what they have done well and how they can make progress in their learning through summative and formative assessments
  • Low–stakes testing is regular and gives students opportunity to commit things to the long-term memory