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St Francis Xavier


The vision of Chaplaincy at SFX is to make Christ known and loved by all through living-out our school ethos and values. This vision permeates the whole school but it is enriched and enhanced on a much deeper level through the provision of chaplaincy.

We believe that SFX exists not only to educate our young people but to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ and to be a living witness to his presence in the world. Chaplaincy provides focus, direction and inspiration for the school community so that this can take place. As a faith school, we assert ourselves as beacons of belief, morality, spirituality and hope, and the provision of chaplaincy allows us to place the utmost value upon these inherent aspects of our school’s nature.

Chaplaincy provides members of our school community with opportunities to know and encounter Christ through facilitating daily acts of worship, student and staff retreats, enrichment clubs and providing a pastoral ministry. It is supported by our Assistant Associate Headteacher, Mrs Masterman, who is responsible for the Christian life of the school, our Chaplaincy Co-ordinator, Mrs Sanders and local members of the clergy from both Roman Catholic and Anglican parishes.

The provision of Chaplaincy at SFX ensures that inclusive, invitational and inspirational acts of worship are made available to all students on a daily basis, as well as facilitating whole school services for events within the liturgical calendar (Advent, St. Francis Xavier’s feast day, Christmas, Lent, Easter) and those to mark special occasions within school (such as end of term celebrations).

At SFX, we want our students to be given as many opportunities as possible to explore, develop and strengthen their faith. Chaplaincy-led extra-curricular clubs and groups such as the Growing in Faith Together Team (GIFT), the Young Vincentians, the Faith in Action Award and the Big Questions Forum enable this to happen in an open, welcoming and non-judgmental space. These opportunities are open to all students regardless of religious beliefs; the diverse religious nature of our school body is not only something we pride ourselves on but is inherent to what we are as an Anglican and Roman Catholic school. As such, chaplaincy opportunities are planned and delivered in a way that students of any faith or no faith at all are always welcome and are designed to meet students at whatever stage of their faith journey they may be at. Further to this, our school chaplaincy co-ordinator is available to students and members of our school community as a friendly, approachable, non-judgmental ear in times of need, regardless of faith and beliefs.