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St Francis Xavier

British values

At St. Francis Xavier School, our Christian values of Compassion, Courage, Service and Stewardship form the foundations for everything we do. Underpinning this, is our school ethos of ‘Love God. Love Your Neighbour’.

Together, our values and ethos create an environment in which all members of our school community are enabled to be the best they can possibly be, through their willingness to serve one another.

Our values and ethos permeate all areas of school life, ensuring that all of our young people are cared for, and given the opportunities to develop academically, personally and spiritually. This, in turn, means they are enabled to flourish as children of God, putting our school values and ethos into action in the community and wider society.

In our endeavour to promote and live-out our school values, it is not only clear that these perfectly complement British Values, but are, in fact, at the root of every British Value we uphold at St. Francis Xavier School: